Things to Remember When Using Car Parking at Bristol Airport

Sep 12, 02:03 PM

Car parking at Bristol Airport is the most practical way to get to the airport under your own steam. A lot of people elect to use taxis but if the taxi is late or it doesn’t turn up, there isn’t much you can do to make sure you get to the airport on time.

But it does pay dividends to ensure you make plans for parking at the airport as quickly as you can. You should remember that lots of people are going to drive there on the same day you are, so it makes sense to book your spot as early as you can to be sure of getting in.

This has another major benefit as well. The sooner you book your car parking at Bristol Airport, the cheaper it is likely to be. There is every opportunity to save money at an early stage, whereas if you were to leave it until the last minute you may not even get the parking space you want. The worst thing is to arrive on the day and expect a cheap space. Paying at the gate – the so called gate price – is the most expensive option of all, assuming you can even get a space at such a late stage.

Another useful point to remember is to think about how close you want to get to the airport. The closer you get the more you will pay, but you will be able to save time as well so this is worth thinking about. It all depends on what matters more to you, and for some people the ease of walking a short distance to the terminal at Bristol Airport is by far the better choice.

You might want to look at a map of where the car parks are in relation to the terminal before you book anything. This is the best way to figure out where you would be best to park. Once you have all the pertinent information you can go ahead and book your ideal space for your journey ahead.